Golda brand is actively developing a franchise business line – provides the ability to open a chain store with favorable financial conditions of work in the following format: mono brand or corner.

Formats outlets

  • Shop on the ground floor with access to the busy street (up to 30-50 sq.m) or section (shop) in a shopping mall (30 sq.m)
    Investments – from 400,000 grn. Yield profit of 15 months.
  • Corner of the current women’s clothing store (9-12 sq.m).
    Investments – from 120,000 grn. Yield profit of 9 months.


The interior of our stores

Only one step brings you to a space of ease and exquisite taste, where the stairs are heading in the sky and a Woman going towards.

The smell of autumn park interlaces with its stirring music and marvelous scrolls of forged lanterns illuminate the space near the cozy benches.

Advantages of brand Golda

  • wide dimensional grid of items 42-62;
  • properly balanced landing on the product shape;
  • the ability to reorder the collections in a short time;
  • work with individual clients Franchisee;
  • original and inexpensive decoration shops.

Target audience

GOLDA clothing is created for those women…

  • …whose age is defined by their self-understanding;
  • …who appreciate elegancy, quality, modern tendencies and individual details;
  • …with middle and higher income;
  • …who value most of all their FEMININITY.
More detailed requirements are provided after filling out the questionnaire